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Understanding Internet Speed

Updated: Feb 14, 2018

You can tell if your Internet is running fast or slow, but what do all the numbers and letters mean?

Connection speeds are defined by how much data is transmitted each second. For example, a connection of 3Mbps means the connection is passing 3,000 kilobits (or 3 megabits) of data each second.

If you think about an #Internet #data connection in terms of a water hose, the more you turn up the spigot, the more quickly water fills the bucket. If you are loading a web page (the bucket), then the faster your connection (the pressure in the hose), the faster the page will load (water filling the bucket).

What does this mean for you? Consider that the size of an average email is about 100 kilobits and the average webpage without video is around 200 kilobits. These are very small buckets that we can fill very quickly with each plan that we offer.

But once you start streaming video, you need faster speeds to keep up. A typical video on a webpage may use about 1,000 kilobits per second (or 1Mbps). An HD streaming video typically ranges between 2.5Mbps and 4Mbps.

So, customers who want to stream movies or play online gaming will need to start with one of our faster Internet connection speeds.

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