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Life Hacks, Free E-books and Ingrediant Scanner for Allergies

Life moves pretty fast and the Crumblyy App offers us Life Hacks to make life just a little easier and more efficient. Libby is a free app that lets you access your library's e-books, audiobooks and much more. Soosee a great app that scans food packaging for allergens and intolerances.

Crumblyy helps you become a Life Hacker by providing you with some of the interesting life hacks that help you make your life easy and interesting. Various categories of life hacks available such as technology, life tips, health, food and drinks, parenting, daily-life solutions, money savers, relationship, party hacks, survival, study boosters and brainy hacks. The app is free.

With this app you are able to borrow eBooks from your local library for free. Also, the app is great for digital reading so you can enjoy reading your favorite books without a device like a Kindle. There are thousands of e-books and audiobooks, hand-selected by your library, available for reading. Explore the collection through catalog guides, subjects, featured titles, and curated lists. Libby is free to install, and there are no subscription costs, no in-app purchases, and no late fees. All you need is a valid library card from your library.

Soosee helps people with food allergies and intolerances. It uses the latest techniques in text recognition and augmented reality to recognize and highlight words directly on the packaging. Soosee’s built-in wordlists consist of more than 10,000 words across the most common allergies and intolerances. The app doesn’t just search for ingredients related to allergens but can also be used to recognize animal-derived E-numbers, vegan products, palm oil and sugar synonyms. This makes Soosee a great app for people that want to be more aware of what they eat. One week free trial, $14.49 per year.


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