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Timehop back on the good times, a brand new streaming service, & recipes for your family feast

This November be ready for anything. Whether its looking back at memories, watching the latest shows, or even amazing recipes to cook for Thanksgiving. Timehop can help you look back on your life's greatest moments while connecting to any of your social media accounts. Quibi is all the new hype with shows that have never been seen, all while scrolling through Thanksgiving Recipes to see what to make this year.

Use Timehop you connect to your social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. While connected to Timehop it will bring up any past post or past photo and tell you how long ago it was and you can see the past comments and reactions to the post.

A new streaming service has come out with lots of new shows. This new streaming services also features it's own original shows by well knows actors such as Anna Kendrick in her new show Dummy. Quibi does have a subscription that starts at $4.99 with ads and $7.99 without ads. It will also have the news from NBC, CBS, BBC, and Telemundo.

With Thanksgiving Recipes you can create one of the best meals you've ever made. It could be tasty and traditional or fresh and flavorful but you get to pick which recipe to go with. You get to choose from main dishes, sides, and even desserts. You can find anything your wanting to cook and discover what would taste great for your family feast. Each recipe has all the ingredients and directions to follow along with a picture so your meal can be plated as fancy as the professionals do it. The app lets you save favorites along with sharing recipes with all friends and family.

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