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Updated: Sep 4, 2020

Download This - November

The holidays are all about food and films. This holiday season order your food and have it delivered with EatStreet. Watch your weight with Noom and watch the classics with Disney+.

Want to lose some weight but not sure how to start or keep it off. Noom is an app you can download to not only help you lose weight but also helps you to keep off the weight along with giving you amazing tasting recipes.


All the kids that grew up with the Disney classics such as Zenon or Lizzie Mcguire, you can now watch them all day everyday starting November 12. When you sign up you can watch up to four screens at the same time. Watch anywhere anytime on any screen, even on your smart tv.


Ever get caught up at work and don't have time to get lunch? Eat Street is an app you can download to get food delivered to where you are from a numerous amount of restaurants in your town.


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