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Its the most Wonderful time of the year!!!

Marshmallows for roasting and caroling out in the snow, It's the most wonderful time of the year! This year you can be organized in the present department, stay up to date with Santa and his elves, and even turn your family and friends into elves yourself! Let this year be Merry and Bright by keeping track of what everyone has gotten and how much you've spent. Know when Santa Claus is coming to town with Speak to Santa, and send a funny video to all your friends and family with Elf Yourself.

Keep track of what you have bought for everyone and the amount of money you have spent this Christmas, while having a set password so little eyes don't get nosy. You can enter different "profiles" that when you click on them, they will show the presents you have purchased and even keep track if they are wrapped. Keep your holiday shopping organized this season.

Its that time of year again, if you have kiddos... a call from Santa is just what you could use to make sure they remember that "He sees you when your Naughty". Show the kids that Santa is calling with the caller ID and watch the magic happen. You can even show your little ones the naughty or nice list (don't forget to add your kid's name to the list). On Christmas Eve you can track Santa with a Santa tracker to see him travel all around the world.

Elf Yourself is a fun way for your family or even your office to have a little fun this holiday season. All you need are pictures of yourself and then sit back and watch the magic come to life in a little video of your face on dancing elf bodies!

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