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Email Scam Alert

Websites to get the latest on current scams & Info on how not to fall prey

Kansas Broadband Internet would like to inform our customers of a current email scam that is circulating around. If you get an email that links to DocuSign (legit website) and you don’t know what it is, immediately close it and DO NOT click the DocuSign link.

This potentially is a new INFO STEALER called META.

It’s a malicious spam that can steal any password in a web browser as well as any saved crypto wallets. META is being sold on the dark web super cheap and that makes it super easy for the scammers to access it and that’s why there will be a huge increase in fake emails.

One of the ways it gets people to fall for it is, it uses Excel documents sent as email attachments and the malicious Excel file then uses DocuSign as a lure to get the potential victim to unknowingly run the malicious macro. Be diligent and only clicking on DocuSign emails that you are expecting is very important.

If you ever question any email sent to you, please feel free to contact our technical support. Our technicians are here to answer your questions and help you. You can call to speak directly with one of our amazing techs at 785-825-0199.

To stay aware of some of the current scams, here are a couple of websites below that can help with that and you can also report a scam if you run across one:


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