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Shop online, catch a great Christmas flick, & find the sus!?!

The holidays are upon us. Finish all your holiday shopping with Amazon shopping. We're in the middle of a pandemic everyone needs something to do to pass the time. Among us is a game that is amazing at passing time, you think your only playing for a couple minutes then all of a sudden its been an hour. Most of us have seen the first one, sit down, pop some popcorn, and watch part two of the Christmas Chronicles staring Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn, you won't be disappointed.

Amazon has an app to make online shopping even better. No need to sign into your browser anymore, stay logged in at all times with the new app, and get the latest deals all in the palms of your hands. Finish all that holiday shopping from your phone and stay safe in this pandemic by not going out to the stores.

There is a new game out that is breaking the app store. Join your crewmates in a game of teamwork and betrayal. Online or with WiFi, up to 10 players run through a choice of 3 maps while attempting to prep your spaceship for departure, but one or more of you are also an imposter and its your duty to either figure out which one is the sus or finish all the tasks for takeoff.

If you liked the first one then you'll love the second. At the conclusion of the first movie you saw Santa played by the very famous Kurt Russell and Mrs. Clause played by Goldie Hawn end it together. The sequal has the whole movie centered around Mr. & Mrs Clause and of course kids that find their way to the North Pole. This time with a twisted turn, watch it now on Netflix.

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