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Cash Rewards, Organized Schedules, & Research Help

This month try some new top downloads. We recommend Ibotta to earn real cash rewords, HotSchedules to keep yourself and staff organized, and Feedly to assist you when researching new topics with lots of sources. Remember Kansas Broadband Internet always offers completely unlimited data use, so Download as much as you like!

Earn REAL cash rewards. Ibotta pays you back for items you have already bought. The app is even giving users a $20 welcome bonus when you sign up. All you have to do is download the app, before shopping choose your offers, go shopping, take a picture of your receipt then get your cash back.

Help to stay organized with work schedules by using HotSchedules. Assign different tasks for each employee or see what an employee has going on that day. You can set up a time limit or deadline for tasks also. Stay organized, on time, and up to date on all projects.

Sifting through tons of articles can be difficult when researching a certain topic. It might be a little difficult to read and remember every single article you have come across and the important points made in each one. Feedly is an app you can use to research a topic, and it will consolidate all of the articles into one convenient place.

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