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Back to school, read a book, catch a movie, or check out a new app from Google Chrome

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

The kids are back in school now, it's back to alone and quiet time. Lets start these school days off right with the new Stephen King book, a new app for your phone, and even a new movie coming out.

The newest Stephen King book comes out this month for all you Stephen King fans. For those of you just looking for a new book to read while the kids are away The Institute comes out September 10th. In this murder mystery with a kick of kidnapping, the boy who once had a family now only has five friends to all help each other and to escape the dreaded place known as the Institute. Stephen King did wonders in this gut-wrenching dramatic story if good vs. evil in a world where good doesn't always win.

Crono is an app you can download on your phone to connect to your Google Chrome in order to get any notification such as calendar reminders, social media, and even messages. No need to pick your phone up at work anymore or even at school just connect your phone to your browser.

Coming out on Sep 27, a movie about the late but great Judy Garland staring Renee Zellweger will make its way to theaters. Based off of the 2005 movie End of the Rainbow, Judy will also take place in London around the 1960's.

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