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Prism, Zombie's, and Makeup. What a weird combination but check it out anyway!!

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

October already! Do you know what that means, Halloween. We have a Halloween makeup tutorial app just for you spooky lovers. What about zombies? We have that too, the Zombieland 2 movie is coming just weeks before Halloween. We also have an app just for those of you who just want to keep track of your money (so your budget doesn't get too scary). Prism is the app just for you.

Prism Money

Need help with keeping track of bills for the month. Prism is an app to help you out with that. The app will automatically keep track of all of your incoming bills, when they are due, and how much they cost. You can even put in your pay days and the amount you get paid. The app is completely free and will process your payments easily. Check out the new automatic payment feature.

Zombieland 2

For those of you who liked the first one get prepared for #2! The second part of zombies is finally here coming October 18th. With new characters coming into the movie, we can't wait to see what town they are named after and if they are friend or foe.

With Halloween coming up lets have some fun with makeup, Halloween makeup. Learn how to do some of the pretty, creepy, or even some gruesome styles all at the palm of your hands. Happy spooky season to you all!

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