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Getting and staying financially, physically, and mentally healthy!

Statistics show there is an average of only 32 days before dedication to those New Year’s Resolutions begins to fizzle out and they fail to come to fruition. Don’t give up! “Download this” and make becoming a better you last!

Mint- Personal Finance App

Mint is a FREE personal finance app that allows you to track your finances, from bills, subscriptions & spending, to cash, credit, loans, & investments, all in one place. The app offers personalized features like budgeting, spending insight, and suggestions to improve your overall financial health, like debt pay down and help negotiating your bills.

Fooducate- Nutritional Education App

Improve your health by creating good habits and eating more mindfully with Fooducate. Track your daily food intake and exercise, grade the foods you consume and its nutrient quality, personalized diets tailored to help you reach your goals. Access to thousands of recipes, not just for those dieting, but also for those with diabetes, heart conditions, high cholesterol, ect. Also, make new connections with others apart of the Fooducate community for support, insight, and inspiration!

Happier- Mental wellness app

  • Happier is a personal mindfulness coach that helps you observe and regulate your emotions throughout the day so that you may easier achieve the inner peace you are seeking. Keep track of your habits and work toward becoming more aware of yourself with the help of Happier. Record your own personal insights daily for reflection and positive self-esteem building moving forward. Daily inspiration readings and access to others apart of the Happier community for positive reinforcements, affirmations, outlooks, inspirations, or even just plain ole’ friendships!

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