Hangry Family... Problem Solved

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

Bored with quarantine? Don't be! Whether you are stuck at home with your spouse, kids, or both at the same time we promise to give you some ideas to have fun! Do your kids and hubby get Hangry? I know it can be hard to try and keep everyone happy with meals, but Tasty is an app that will provide you tons of meals choices. Missing your favorite restaurant? Doordash is the easy and safe way to enjoy your fave restaurants. Do you have plenty of extra time to lounge now? Maybe just relax a little with a new book called The End of the Day.

Tasty (Android or iphone)

Tasty is an app you can download that has over 3,000 recipes to choose. From easy dinner meals to extravagant desserts, tasty will tell you exactly how to make it all. Need some nutritious snacks for the kiddos? Check out Tasty and all the recipes you can make with just 3 easy ingredients.