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The days of Vine are long gone, see what is NEW!

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

Remember the days of Vine? Try something new with TikTok, learn a new language (or an old romantic one), and keep up on your credit score. Check out these easy apps and remember Kansas Broadband Internet has unlimited data so stream and download as much content as you want.

Do you remember Vine?!? Well that's the past... If you haven't tried out TikTok it's about time to step into the future. Super addictive, YES! You can tell yourself that you will only go through it for 5 minutes, and the next thing you know its been an hour. TikTok is the place to watch short videos that captures the world's creativity.

Learn one of 14 languages from the palm of your hand or on your computer. Babbel isn't new, but it has been revamped to allow the user easier learning on the app. Expand your brain or get prepared for that next abroad trip (once we are able to travel again 😉).

Check out this fast and easy way to check your credit score that doesn't bring your score down. Credit Karma can keep track of anything you have that could affect your score such as, loans, credit cards, and even collections. You can see what is affecting your score the most and suggestions you can take action on to get your score higher.

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