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Disney+ Exclusive, Life360, & Reface

I think we can all agree this year has been a whirlwind of emotions for all. Going into the new year lets take our minds off of it with new shows and apps including one to make sure your family is safe and sound at anytime of the day.

Life360 is a safety app for your whole family. It offers different memberships for busy, modern life. Protect and connect with your family with a wide range of all-new services which include, SOS to send silent alert, 24/7 emergency dispatch that is always on call for your family, family safety assistant for comprehensive real-time specialist support at anytime, and lastly identity theft protection to safeguard sensitive information and white glove restoration service valuing at up to $1M. With the in-app details it will tell you what every plan has and its coverage options. Stay safe this new year!

Disney+ is always a great place to watch movies especially when it comes to family movies. The new movie, Godmothered, just released has been a huge hit and puts a fun little twist on fairy godmothers.

Using reface you can make yourself the huge star you always wished you could be. With this face swap app you can put your face on anyone's body at anytime. Think it stops there? No way, it can also morph your face with someone else to see what the combination would look like. Such a fun way to interact with kids and loved ones. Try this app for sure.

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