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Download This! - March 2018

Here are our suggestions for this month’s top 3 downloads. Keep track of the best deals, keep the kids entertained with comics and books at your fingertips, and encourage safe drinking limits with the iDrinkSmarter app this St. Patty’s Day.


Groupon is an app you can download to get great deals on many different things such as restaurants, fitness, and even travel. Groupon can help you save money when shopping online. You can receive anywhere from 20% up to even 80% off of your shopping list.

Walt Disney’s Comics

Ever been out at the store or even the doctor’s office and have a child that you can’t seem to keep calm or keep them busy? Disney has come out with the way to help all parents whether you have a toddler that doesn’t know how to read or kiddo that is excellent at reading. There are fun pictures to entertain the younger kids and adventure-filled stories for the older kids.


St. Patty’s day is coming upon us. If you’re thinking about going out and having one or two green brews check to see if you’re in the “Green Zone”. BACZONE's iDrinkSmarter mobile app for Android and iOS devices was developed with today's on-the-go audience in mind. Check the calculated BAC estimate to minimize the risks associated with having one too many. Please drink responsibly this St. Patty’s Day!

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