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Back to School Edition

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

With school about to start, we would like to focus on apps to download to help make the school year easier for not only the kids but also the parents that might have to help out. Stay organized this school year while keeping up on your studying.

While trying to write a paper your mind could wonder with all the different ideas to put into your paper. SimpleMind is basically a thought organizer or also called a mind mapping tool. It turns your computer into a brainstorming, idea collecting and thought structuring device.

Using Super Flashcards you can build your own unique set of flashcards, with no more wasting paper. With normal flashcards, you typically use just words. However, when using Super Flashcards you can add your own photos to help visual learners study better. You can even have multiple categories for each subject you need.

When in class and asked to take notes try using EasyBib. It not only is able to be used as research tools that are easy to use but also helps educators teach and students to learn to be effective and organized researchers

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