Spring into action with these amazing downloads

Updated: Apr 2

Spring is back in the air and as places are beginning to lift restrictions we ware finding it strange this new way of life. Many of us have enjoyed our time home and doing things from the comfort of our couch. So here are just a few more things that are now offered online! The Smithsonian Museum has made every exhibit, current and past, available online. How about playing some Jumanji, well the virtual escape room of course. Never worry about forgetting your passwords again with the help of LastPass.

Smithsonian Virtual Museum

Access one of the worlds largest museum all from the comfort of your own home, because of COVID-19 all Smithsonian museums are temporarily closed. Don't let that stop you from being able to explore though. Any exhibit you wish to see is just a click away, even past exhibits that are no longer on display are now available online.