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Quarantine or Quaranqueen

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

Things to do while quarantined, catch up on all Nailed it episodes before the new season comes out this month. Kids and teens teach your parents snapchat so while being isolated they can still see you. While being isolated keep your kids occupied by

some learning experiences with ABC mouse and a science experiment.

Nailed it is a series on Netflix in which contestants who aren't always the best bakers make a bakers masterpiece. When they don't even have a recipe to go off of they either make something amazing enough to knock you socks off or gross enough to make you barf.

Snapchat was actually released in 2011 but with the virus going around we are here to help seeing your loved ones a little bit easier. With snapchat you can do numerous this such as, send pictures, videos and even video chat your family all from your phone that is probably in your hand anyway. With everyone being in Quarantine parents probably miss their kids, grandkids and who knows maybe even grandpets. Get them onto it and send them videos to make the days not so lonely.

Being an early learning academy for ages 2-8 ABC Mouse is now giving away pass codes to get you access to the website for free or at a discount. While still being fun and video game like it also helps your kids learn without even really knowing about it.

With school being out, keep them interested in science and learning new things with this super cool science experiment. Something that is always fun to do is watching what happens when you mix cornstarch and water. Click the link and learn how then do it with your kids!

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