Roku DVR is eating up your speed!

So what is really going on with this new Roku feature. Let us break it down for you and possibly give you a few solutions to make your user experience better.

What is the cloud DVR feature?

The DVR feature is a function that pre-downloads your most watch shows and movies that you may want to watch. There are several cable alternatives that offer cloud DVR on Roku players and Roku TVs. Some of these cable alternatives are: YouTube TV, fubuTV, Sling TV, AT&T TV, Hulu with Live TV, and Philo. If you are using any of these cable alternatives or others, then you are most likely utilizing the cloud DVR feature.

How is it affecting my internet?

Even though you may not be using your Roku it will still be using your internet. It will continue to download movies in the background or sleep mode (even though the Roku is technically off). This means all of those fun shows that you have saved to your lists will be easier to watch and stream in better quality when you turn the Roku back on later. But do you think what happens when you turn your Roku off during the day and you are trying to work... yep, that Roku device is still plugging away and using your download speed.

A few solutions to improve your internet while using Roku

You can either unplug the Roku from the power if possible. This isn't the most convenient option though because for the Roku TV you have to go back through the setup functions when you plug it back in (sometimes). Ugh!!!

Instead try logging onto the Roku website and search for the "DVR Services" for your Roku device, then disable the function shut them off. You can even adjust times of downloading depending on the model of Roku you have.



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