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Tunes, Stargazing, Drinks, and Storms - Get these apps for summer!

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

Start planning your summer playlist, where to go to see stars, or even make some amazing summertime drinks to make the parties last longer. Also, be prepared to move the party inside before the storms roll in. Here's our top apps for this summer...


Everyone needs a summer playlist, but are you in need of a little inspiration? Songza is a music app that picks your playlist for you depending on the time of day, day of the week, and genre you choose. From Backyard BBQ to Fun and Funky Pick Me Ups, there is a playlist for every event.


One of the best parts about camping is stargazing, but if you’re not an astronomer, you might not be sure what’s what up there. Starmap lets you view a map of over 350,000 stars on your mobile device. Using your phone’s GPS, you can point your device in any direction and Starmap will pull up the exact portion of the sky you’re looking at. It’s like a virtual telescope, that tells you what you’re looking at.