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Dasher & Dancer's Top Downloads

Bringing holiday cheer is easy with these top downloads. Your kids can write letters to Santa and even call him all on your phone. When the little ones are asleep and your cuddled up on the couch you can set your holiday budget this season or even play a fun game. Happy Holidays!

Do you have children who are wanting to write letters to Santa? Letters to Santa, the app, is the way to do it. Using this cheerful app your child can write what he/she wants and report the way they believe they have behaved throughout the year. When the letter gets sent in Santa will contact mom or dad (just to ensure they aren't getting the same gifts as Santa 😉)

Looking for the best Santa Tracker? This one has upwards of 4 stars! The kiddos are able to track his every move and even talk with the big guy! Every day kids can look at Santa's list to see if they were nice or naughty that day, with some help of a parent of course. They can even look and see how many gifts Santa's elves have made and check the route he will take Christmas Eve. Along with all of that you can have your own Christmas countdown right down to the minute Santa lands on your rooftop.

Guessing the picture trivia game just got a whole lot more fun with the new Christmas edition. You now have 100 pictures of nothing but Christmas. From Christmas bells to reindeer you have it all. Check out Christmas Pic Quiz and get in the spirit for the holidays.

Christmas list is a fast and easy way to keep track of every ones presents you have bought. Since we don't have much time till Christmas, everyone has started buying presents and sometimes you might not remember how much you've spent on each person. Set a budget on the person and a budget for the entire holiday season.

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