Blast Back to School Top Downloads

With school coming around the corner make sure your kids are on the right track and are able to understand everything being taught to them with Quizlet, Easybib, and myHomework. Each one of these apps are made to help kids with the school year, ace classes, and be sure they don't miss any big projects with lengthy due dates.


Quizlet is an app to help the kiddos study for tests or help obtain knowledge in a fun, easy way. The teacher or even the parent can make a quiz for kids to take to make sure they are understanding what they are being taught. It's great to use when there is a big test coming up that needs to be studied for. Most classrooms that utilize it just have simple logins to get to the quizzes. You can even retake the quiz later if you didn't do so good the first time to make sure you have all of the information correct before the actual test.