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Downloads this! - May 2018

Want more excitement in your life, but not wanting to leave the comforts of your own couch? How about making your office work more stream-lined? And guess what spring is in full swing so get out this weekend and find some garage sales, but where? Download these amazing apps and make your office work a little more easy, your gossip circle a little more juicy, and your thrifty sales a little more easy to find.

Hooked is like a story book but you can actually see all the text messages and juicy secrets that lead up to the most suspenseful events to have taken place. All true stories, all real life events, all in the palm of your hands.

Camscanner can use your camera to scan any sort of papers and documents straight to your computer. Make keeping track of important papers easier, and try to lose all the paper weight by scanning it first minuet rather than having stacks of paper.


Offerup is the app of the summer. Any garage sales going on around you will show up on the app. Get great deals fast, and right on your phone.

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