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Download This! - April 2018

When your on the go it’s hard to get stuff done, like editing your favorite picture without a computer, or even keeping track of financials. What about all those passwords stuck in your head for different apps and social media accounts? Apple clips, Mint and Dashlane can be a big help for you. You can have everything you need for perfect pictures, financial stability, and keeping track of passwords with just a few apps on your phone.

Clips – make and share videos with text, effects, graphics, and more.

Apple's new Clips video app is used to quickly take video clips, edit and share them with friends, family, or on your social media. Easy video controls let you make short videos without having to mess with timelines, tracks, or more complex editing tools, for better or worse. Live Titles make it easy to insert captions or subtitles to your videos using your own voice, and you can apply filters, effects, and extras like animated speech bubbles and emoji. Smart sharing features recommend people to share your creation with based on who's in the video, or you can send the video directly to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other social media services.

Wanna know the best part? You can even apply a filter that puts you onboard the Millennium Falcon!

Mint provides one of the most popular personal finance tracking solutions online and you can have it on your iPhone with this app for FREE. Track, budget and manage your finances all in the same place, you can see where you're spending and saving. Keep track of your saving accounts, checking accounts and credit or debit cards, input transactions, and set reminders for things like bill payments to avoid late fees. It might feel a little weird keeping tracking of your expenses and purchases, but it can make a real difference in your budgeting, and the Mint app helps by putting your budget and spending information in clear and readable graphs and charts.

Ever have those days where you just can’t remember what you Facebook password is or better yet your email password well there is finally an app that can help you remember any password you want it to. Dashlane is an app you can download on not only your phone but also your computer. It’s used to remember as many passwords as you want it to. From your Facebook accounts to your email passwords, keep track of all your passwords with just one app for all the hundreds of passwords you already have. Don’t worry about typing your passwords anymore either, because Dashlane will do that for you! It also has features to add debit and credit cards, so you don’t have to keep pulling out your wallet for those online splurge purchases. Enhance your account and Go Premium for as little as $39.99 for an entire year (that’s only $3.33 a month!).

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