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How to Trench Conduit

Instructions on how to prepare for your installation when Trenching Conduit is necessary...

  • The trench should only need to be 4-6 inches deep (deep enough that it won’t be dug up by any animals or hit with a lawnmower).

  • The distance must be no more than 300 feet end-point to end-point (this means from the top of the structure where the radio will be located with some slack, down through the conduit, and into your home where the point of access would be).

  • Conduit must be buried or pre-trenched, ready-to-bury from the home to the base of the structure.

  • There must be a pull string inside the conduit to pull cable through.

  • Conduit must measure at minimum 1” inside diameter.

  • If the conduit needs to be assembled, it should be connected prior to our installer’s arrival.

  • We can only install with straight line conduit or conduit with a sweep 90 degree angle (we are unable to install abrupt 90 degree angled conduit).

Here are a few pictures of what would be considered acceptable.

Trench with the conduit placed inside. Don’t forget the pull string!

The approach to the surface should be a sweep 90 degree angle. This shows what would be acceptable.

This is an example of a sweep 90 degree angle. Abrupt 90 degree angles would not work with our cabling. If you need to turn a corner, this would be acceptable.

Here are examples of how the conduit looks at the ground level. Having the end point closer to the foundation of the home would be ideal. That way the extra cabling would not get caught or accidentally cut.

*Trenching or burying of conduit does not ensure service availability. **The cost of replacement cable inside the conduit is the responsibility of the customer.

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